Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Nice Pound Cake, But Not Sara Lee

I have had a day full of disappointment.  It began this morning when my car decided she didn't want to start in the sub-zero temperatures.  Then moved onto a few small things throughout the day.  Finally it was topped off with a recipe that was not what it promised to be.

I consider myself to be picky when it comes to yellow cake.  I know that sounds bizarre, but I am not a huge chocolate fan.  I always have a yellow cake for my birthday, and my two boys are following suit.  I have always also loved Sara Lee's pound cake.  If it is in the house, I will literally eat the entire loaf until it is gone.  My  mom used to slice it in layers and put strawberries and whip cream between it.  I have also drizzled it with pineapple topping and praline syrup.

So, I have been surfing the Internet for a while now to find a "copy cat" recipe.  Most of the reviews on recipes have said the same thing, nice pound but not like the original.  Then I stumble across a recipe from the Copykat website, that promised to be just like the real thing.  I set out to make it today, and oh boy, was I disappointed.  The one thing that draws me to Sara Lee's pound cake is the texture. It has such a tight crumb and density, that I enjoy. 

When I cut into it, I knew right away it wasn't the same.  I kept an open mind and sampled a piece.  It had a pleasant vanilla pound cake taste, but the texture was way off.  The bottom line is, it's a nice pound to serve as a short cake or with ice cream, but it's not Sara Lee.

If you want to try it for yourself and give me your review, here's the recipe.

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